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Your CCPA is accepting photos of Unidentified people.
Please follow the normal submission guidelines.

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Humphrey-related George Robinson?, circa 1920 Ellis Pope, Buck Walker, Jim Hudgins, Richard Lewis, Wiley, Worix, and Ora Skaggs, Blakenship (Blankinship) or Wilson (Wilton)
Blakenship (Blankinship) or Wilson (Wilton) Blakenship (Blankinship) or Wilson (Wilton) Unknown "Emory and Pat" Unknown Suttles or Blair-related

Whitt? Evans or Erwin? Logan family?
Unknown Masoncup man (1) Unknown Masoncup man (2) Unknown Masoncup women Unknown Masoncup family
Unknown Masoncup man (3) Fisher family? Fisher, Wallace or Roe Duncan unknown (10)
Carter County clay mine, Ezekial Jones foreman, before 1929 Maybe Moss Grimsley, Pleasant Valley area Possibly John P. Click and children, circa 1900 unknown Ross May be John Nelson Ross and Nancy
unknown Kitchen probably related to John or Charles Oscar Boggs unknown Sexton family, probably related to William and Martha Jane Nelson Sexton Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Unknown related to Kiser or others
Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Sargent, Click, Webb, Rake, Dehart, Sparks, Brown, Caudill or Blair individuals
Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe Unknown related to Norma (Counts) Roe
Unknown Burchett Unknown Womack, Kiser, Underwood or Fultz (5 photos) Unknown Tackett Unknown Everman (probably)
Unknown Everman (probably) Unknown Withrow or Carter. Unknown Burchett or Stallard
Unknown Burchett Unknown Burchett or Stallard Unknown Burchett Unknown may be Rodgers or Rath, ca1870
Unknowns, may be Thomas, Manning, Mocabee or Brown
(*** 43 photos ***).
Unidentified church group Unidentified, possibly Walker - Salmons related Unidentified, possibly Burnett, Armstrong, Ross related
Unidentified group from Jody (Buckler) Kilgore Unknown Walker, Marshall or Morris Unknown Cory School Tacketts
Unknown Porter-related individuals Unknown undertaker Unknown female 1a Unknown Mauk-related individuals
Barker-related individual Unknown female 3a Unknown female 8a Unknown female 9aa
Unknown male 2 Unknown Pratter Unknown females Unknown male 5
Unknown Fleming-Sanders-Reynolds-related (1) Unknown Fleming-Sanders-Reynolds-related (2) Elam, Friend or Steele related. Lucas related man
Lucas family Tabor soldiers Unidentified #13, probably Burnett, Armstrong, Ross related Pope or Bradshaw males
Over 100 Lucas-related individuals "Sylvia of Corey School, 1920's" Rice-related individuals Knipp or Bailey-related individuals
Denton School and Glancy Fork Hattie (Adkins) Johnson related OHHS 1947-1948 Maybe be a Fultz.
Rattlesnake Ridge Genealogy Club photos Maybe Webster Vicars. Maybe Qualls, Lyons, Burchetts, Kisers, Stallard, or Burtons. Olive Hill people photographed by Vern Evans.
Hereford, Hatcher or Lancaster individuals Halterman boys Possibly Sephens individuals Possibly Campbell or Newman-related individuals
Jones-Madden related. Antigo, Wisconsin Brainard (possibly) Dailey related Kegly, Mauk, Harper, Rose related
Harper, McFarland and Rose people at Jim McFarland's house McDowell or Bishop related From the Berkley Hall collection Mae Porter's collection
Albright, Milton or Colegrove individuals May be Cox or Knipp related individuals People related to or known by Earline Richmond Porter

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