Erie School 1986

Submitted by: JC Porter

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Comments from Jenny Frazier

"I had several of these teachers when I attended Erie. A lot of these teachers were Methodist Deaconesses.

Front row, second from right is Helen Meredith. Miss Meredith was the Librarian. Erie had a huge library.

Front row, first from left is Esther Edwards. She was the dietitian.

Back row, third from left is Grace Reuter. She was 7th and 8th grade teacher. She also taught my dad (Edwin Mundy) when he went to Erie.

Back row, fourth from left is Edna Jones. She was the Math teacher. My dad told me the names of the others, but I can't remember."

Erie School 1922

Submitted by: Glen Haney

ERIE SCHOOL Alumni 1922-1958

Submitted by Yvonne (Wilson) Waggoner


Submitted by Glen Haney

"Aiken Hall, Olive Hill Ky. Mountain School for Boys and Girls"

Link to Our Erie School photo collection
contributed by Lydia Justice Edwards

Link to photos of the Class of 1954 (including the 1974 and 1994 reunions).

Contributed by Yvonne Waggoner

"My aunt Auderene (Richmond) Hamilton gave this picture to my mom Earline Richmond Porter.

I took my mom to the one room school house reunion this past saturday 8-8-08 at Globe.

"I showed this picture to 93 year old Hazel Garvin of Olive Hill.
She said, that is Miss Rheuter, far left, middle row. She says this picture was taken at the Erie School,
and this is probably all the teachers, and/or faculty."

"Hazel Garvin attended there for a few years. Hazel stayed in Aiken Hall which was the girls dorm."

Link to photo of Opal Stamper, Mabel Miller, Naomi Baker, Elmarie Carpenter and Jessie Tackett

Submitted by: JC Porter

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The middle row far right is Muriel Day from New York who was the head of the Woman's Society of Christian Service (United Methodist) who operated the school. I attended Erie for 10 years and would have graduated there except it was closed. The women thought that it wasn't needed any longer with better bus routes for kids to attend the consolidated schools. I was a day student. My dad and several aunts and uncles also attended there. Miss Edwards is the one in the middle, bottom row. I remember her and Miss Reuter well, but of course they were much older when I attended there. I remember when Miss Day would visit the campus. She was quite elderly when I was in grade school. Jenny Frazier tjf60 @

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Row 1: Mike Skott (Scott?), Eugene Lawhorne, Suzanne Webb, Mayme James, Marjorie Everman, Margaret Day, Phyllis Edison, Darlene Castle, Carol Fouch

Row 2: Bill Collins, Henry Tackett, Phyllis unk., Betty unk., Sybil unk., Myra Janet Waggoner, Jenny Jo Tackett, Edna Marie Crawford, Norma Lee Sims

Row 3: Geraldine Davis

"Mary Lou Greene-Perry contributed this photo. Her first year at Erie was 1944-45."

Erie School 1944-1945

Photo contributed by Mary Lou Greene-Perry

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Photo taken in the Teachers Parlor in Aiken Hall Dormitory.

"Mary Lou Greene-Perry contributed this photo."

Erie School 1946

Photo contributed by Mary Lou Greene-Perry

Erie School 1947

Erie School 1951

Photo contributed by Mary Lou Greene-Perry

Erie School Reunion at the Olive Hill Methodist Church in 2007

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Erie School under construction

Link to images of the Erie School History and an Historical Brochure

Submitted by: Lydia Justice-Edwards

Erie School

Submitted by: Joel Carter

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Erie School and Aiken Hall, about 1929.

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Erie House ("Walker House") as it looks in 2007

"This house still stands across the street from Akien Hall.
They recently (maybe 7 or 8 years ago) covered the outside with gray siding and remodeled the inside."

Submitted by: Mike Barker

This is Erie School's 8th grade graduation in 1921. Mrs. Hendricks is the adult.

Submitted by Mary Littleton

Keith Howard believes that the young lady in the back row, far right side is Betty Crawford Haney.

Betty is believed to have been a student at Erie School. 

Keith is attempting to contact Betty to have her verify the photo.  Click here to contact Keith.

If anyone would like to add information, comments or identify anyone in this photo,
please contact me, Glenna Burchett

"Yes, this is Erie School.

The teacher is Helen Meredith, who was still there when I attended in 1948. I don't recognize the students."

Jenny Frazier, Flatwoods, KY

"There was a reunion of former Erie School students at the Olive Hill Methodist Church on Aug. 5, 2007."
"Former students expressed fond memories of the old school".
"Students walked down the hill on Sundays to attend services at the Methodist Church".

The school closed in 1958.

Above is the Erie School classroom building.

The following photos of Aiken Hall, the residence building for Erie School students, were taken August 7, 2007

The cafeteria for Erie School. Still in use today.

Aiken Hall, ca1930's.

Aiken Hall, date unknown.

Aiken Hall

Erie School

Submitted by John W. Grace

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