Prichard High School 1918 - 1971

In 2001, the Prichard High School Class of 1951 created this book, "Prichard High School, 1918-1971"

Prichard High School was 1-12 grades until 1971 when East Carter High was completed. (East was built in phases
and 11 rooms were used for 7th and 8th grades. We had classes scattered out in town because we were so over-crowded.
With the new high school, Prichard became 1-8 grades and then a Middle School was built and took the 6-8 grades.
A fire destroyed the original Prichard building and it was razed. Now the new Prichard Elemetery houses Pre-School through 5th.
This is the original site for PHS. Thus the history of PHS.

Prichard High School 1918-1971 - A History in Photos

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