Bond, Basil S.





Will Book 2, Carter Co., Ky.



Submitted by: Linda Cheeks Pittano

Transcribed as written.


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In the Name of God Amen;

I, B.S. Bond of Carter County Ky being 71 years of age and of sound and

deposing mind

Make this my last Will and Testament, having given valuable sums to my sons

and daugters

Children of my first beloved wife Nancy Bond viz James M Bond, George W Bond,

Mary J Wilburn wife of WR Wilburn, Elizabeth Kitchen wife of Lewis A Kitchen,

BA Smith wife of OJ Smith, Martha A Burchett wife of Benjamin Burchett.

I now will and bequeath to my infant son and daughter William HH Bond and

Lavina S.  Bond children of my beloved wife Francis C. Bond all my  personal

and real estate with the following proviso; that my

Beloved wife Francis C Bond have hold and collect, receive and receipt all

notes and accounts now due or may be due me from any and all persons

whatsoever, also to use and control in her own rite for their use

and benefit of herself and the children before married, which consists of all

the horses, cattle, Sheep, hogs to that I may own at the time of my decease.

I will and bequeath to my children aforesaid WHH Bond and Lavina S Bond the

entire Farm upon which I now reside with its every and all improvements

consisting of about 50 acres and adjoining the lands of

GW Bond, LL Tabor, Asa Daily, and Eliza Armstrong on Troughcamp Carter County

Ky with the following proviso; that my beloved wife Francis C Bond mother of

my said two children have the use and benefit of said land houses and

improvements during her natural life or so long as she remains my widow.

I further constitute and appoint my beloved wife Francis C Bond Executrix of

my last will without her executing bond.

Witness my hand this 21st day of November 1885.

                                                       Basil S Bond


JH Armstrong

Henry Easterling





State of  Kentucky

Carter County

I, WH Mocabee Clerk of the county court in and for the County and State

aforesaid do certify

That the forgiving will of Basil S Bond was on the 14th day of October 1895

produced in open court

And was then and there proven to be the last Will and Testament of Basil S

Bond by  the oaths of

JH Armstrong and Henry Easterling attesting witnesses thereto and ordered to

probate and to be

Recorded all of which is done accordingly.

Given under my hand this 23 day of October 1895.


     W. H. Mocabee Clerk

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