Will of "Major" Andrew Kitchen, Willard


Contributed by Becky Fox

Carter County, Kentucky, July 19, 1887

I, Andrew Kitchen, Sr., in my last will and testament, give and bequeath to my wife, Mary Kitchen, sufficient means for her support during her life, should she be the longer lived.

I further give and bequeath one acre of land above the Slate Shoal to the public for a Burial Gound forever.

I give and bequeath to my son, Lewis H. Kitchen, a certain tract or parcel of land situate, lying, and being in the County and State aforesaid and on the waters of Dry Fork, Little Sandy River, containing three hundred acres, more or less, and bound as follows, to-wit:

Beginning on the bank of the Dry Fork near the island, thence with mine & Watson's line to opposite the Indian Graves, thence to the Indian Graves to a hickory, thence the South corner of the Wolf Pen Field, thence down a small drain to the Dry Fork at the Slate Shoals to a maple, then down the Dry Fork to the corner of the “Old Field” so called at the mouth of a pond drain, thence a straight line to left of the high knob immediately above the “Old Field,” thence with the ridge to near the corner of the __land Field then so as to include __land Field to mine & Rice's line, thence with said line to Rice's corner, thence with my original line, thence with his line to the beginning (of the above) specified boundry being Lewis H. Kitchen's Junction of all the lands owned by me, the said Andrew Kitchen, Sr. The said Lewis H. Kitchen to have and to hold all of the above described land (except the one acre aforesaid) unto himself, his heirs or assigns forever.

All the balance of the lands owned by me, the said Andrew Kitchen, Sr., I wish to be equally divided between the rest of my children, viz: James Kitchen's heirs, William Kitchen, Andrew Kitchen, Fleming Kitchen and Malinda Watson.

I further will and bequeath all my personal property, cash & cash debts, should there be any, to be equally divided between all my children.

Given under my hand this the day and date first-above written.

Andrew Kitchen