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Submitted by Lila Wylie


BIRTH: About 1750, Shenandoah Valley, VA., son of Peter Mauck of Tom's Brook and his wife Juliana Rinehart. Date of birth estimated from census readings. Frederick is named in his father's will, dated 1 Mar 1771, Shenandoah Co., VA., along with his brothers, John, Andrew and Henry.


MARRIAGE: About 1775 to Margaret, last name unknown. Margaret's name is on a deed selling land Frederick inherited from his father, Peter, Shenandoah Co., VA, 27 May 1779, Deed Book C. p. 354.


DEATH: Place and date not known, but was probably in Scioto County, Ohio sometime after the 1830 census where he is listed between 80 and 90 years of age. He does not appear on the 1840 census. He is probably buried in Rideout cemetery, Scioto Co., OH with his daughter Catherine and her husband John Hoppis. There were a number of unreadable partial tombstones when they did the readings.


Frederick and Margaret moved to North Carolina after selling their property in Shenandoah County in 1779 and lived there 10 to 15 years. He may have been in Rowan Co., N.C. as a Frederick Mock is in the Court Minutes in 1789; p. 216, Martin Poler vs Fredk Mock and p. 249, Fredk Miller to Brushy‑Fork Society, 11 acres proved by Fredk Mock. There were several Mocks in the 1790 Rowan Co., census‑‑Andrew, Henry, Jacob, John, Peter Jr., Peter Sr., and Philip.  No doubt they were related to Frederick Mock. Frederick was in the Wilkes Co., N.C. 1790 census but he would not stay there for long. In 1795 Hugh Jones entered 100 acres in Wilkes County which included the improvement Frederick Mock "lived in" 1794. (Wakes Co., N.C. Land Entries 17831795). So now we have two pieces of property that Frederick Mock "improved" and abandoned within a few years. At the least he would have cleared some land and built a cabin. Steve Lapp suggests that he did not have dear title to the land.


The family next appears on the tax lists for Wythe County, VA., from 1795‑1805 and on the 1810 census for Giles Co., VA. It is possible they did not move but only the borders changed. Wythe Co. was formed in 1789 from Montgomery Co. Giles Co. was formed in 1806 from Montgomery, Monroe, Tazwell and Wythe Counties. Daughter Catherine married 10 Oct 1797, Wythe County, to John Hoppis who is listed close to Frederick Mock on the 1796 tax list. There is evidence of son Samuel in Giles County, Deed Book, 1810, item 82, when he sold 180 acres. The 1810 census, Giles Co. lists Frederick Mock, p. 390, with two males 10‑26 (Samuel), one male 45+, one female 10‑16, one female 45+. Son Peter is in his own household, p. 391, one male 26‑45 and one female 26‑45 which suggests this is his first wife. No children listed.


About 1819 Frederick joined the hordes pressing westward and moved to Ohio along with daughter Catherine, her husband John Hoppis and their children and son Samuel, his wife and his two small sons. Peter dropped off in Scott Co., VA. Margaret may have already died as she does not show up on the 1820 census. Tragedy struck soon after their arrival when Samuel died. He left a will dated 5 Aug 1819, Scioto Co., OH, Will 21, Bk. A, p. 61, giving his wife Caty one third of his property and the rest of his property to his two sons, Joseph Moak and Peter Moak. He desired his wife to put his sons to a trade within eleven years. The will was witnessed by Frederick Moak, William Hoppis and Hannah Hoppis (both children of Catherine Moak and John Hoppis). On 8 Dec 1819, John Hoppis was given guardianship of Peter and Joseph Moak, under the age of 14 years. There is a marriage record in Scioto Co. 10 feb 1820 for Katherine Mock to John Hatterman. This may have been the widow of Samuel.


No property records were found for Frederick Moak in Scioto County. His is listed in the 1820 census with one male child 0‑10, near daughter Catherine and John Hoppis. In the 1830 census he is alone and near grandson, John Snook. Now, who is this male child under the age of 10 in his household in 18201 It may have been Joseph, his grandson. Just because John Hopppis was granted guardianship of the sons of Samuel doesnt mean they were living with him even though the 1820 census suggests they were as he's listed with 3 males under 10. Catherine and John had only one documented son, b. 1815, that would fit this category. Frederick Moak was a tough old man to be caring for a small child when he was at least 70 years of age and living by himself when he was at least 80 years old, independent and self‑sufficient.


Joseph and Peter Moak, sons of Samuel, are not visible on the 1830 census for Scioto Co. This suggests they had been apprenticed to a trade as requested by their father. They are both on the 1850 census, Carter Co., KY, as well as their Uncle Peter. Peter C. Mauk, p. 237, 2nd district; b. Virginia, blacksmith, age 30; Joseph Mauk, p. 159, 1st district~ b. VA, age 34; Peter  Mauk, p. 255, 1st district, b. N.C., age 69.                               

6               MOCK FAMILY HISTORIAN                                  VOLUME VI NO. 1 ‑ WINTER1997

Frederick Mock ‑ Contd                                                                                         1.3 ‑ Henry Mauck b. 1754 VA; d. aft 1832

Below is a descendant's chart for Peter Mauck                                                 Sullivan Co., TN; in. Eva _.                                         I I

highlighting the family of Frederick Moak.                                                        Henry is identified as a son of Peter Mauck in his

I ‑ Peter Mauck & Juliana Rheinhart                                                                    father's Frederick Co., VA Will dated 01 Mar 1771

                                                                                                                                   and proven 07 May 1771.

     1.1 ‑ John Mauck Sr.1739‑1821                                                                         Henry served in the Revolutionary War, enlisting

     1.2 ‑ Frederick Moak & Margaret                                                                    in 1774 in Augusta Co., VA. His pension states he

        1.2.1 ‑ Catherine Moak b. 9 Mar 1777 VA; d. 15                                        served a‑ainst the Indians, moved to Sullivan

        Jan 1867 Scioto Co., OH; m. 10 Oct 1797 Wythe                                       Co., TN ("area earlier in NC"), and later hired

       Co, VA. John Hoppis                                                                                      substitutes to take his place. Henry applied for his

        Birth & death dates taken from tombstone,                                               pension in Sullivan Co., TN in 1832 at the age of

        Rideout Cemetery, Scioto Co., OH                                                              78. Because he served less than 7 months, his

        Marriage record ‑ Virginia Historic Marriage                                             pension was rejected.                                                  U.P.                     Mock]   Register by John Vogt, p. 61.                                                                 1.3.1 ‑ John Mauck

        In the 1860 census, Catherine states she was born                                          1‑3.2 ‑ Dau. in. Rev. Thomas

        in Virginia. Marriage record has clear spelling of                                              Probably more children


        1.2‑.2 ‑ Peter Mauk ‑ b. 14 Apr 1781 Wilkes Co,                                        1.4 ‑ Andrew Mauck b. 1759 ToiWs Brook area,

        NC; d. 13 Feb 1858 Carter Co., KY; in. (2) 1818                                          VA; d. 1834 Sullivan co., TN; m. Elizabeth Bowles.

        Scott Co., VA Eleanor Sparks.                                                                      Andrew is identified as a son of Peter Mauck in his

                1.2.2.l ‑ Sarah Jane b. 1819 VA                                                              father's Frederick Co., VA Will dated 01 Mar 1771.

                1.2.2 2‑ Margaret b. 8 Jun 1820 VA                                                       Andrew appears in the personal property tax lists

       ‑Catherine b. Apr 1824 KY                                                         of Shenandoah Co., VA in 1782 and 1783. Andre,.%,

                1.2.24 ‑ Frederick M. b. Mar 1827 KY                                                   and his wife, Elisabeth sold Andrews share of 410

                1.2.25 ‑ Daniel b. 1829 VA                                                                      acres Andrew had inherited from his father Peter,

       ‑ Henry J. b. 2 Sep 1831 KY                                                       who received this land 3 Aug 1767.

       ‑ Peter P. b. 25 Oct 1833 KY                                                       Andrew served in the Revolutionary War,

       - Martha ab.1835                                                                         enlisting in 1779 in Shenandoah Co., VA. In 1832

       ‑ Mary Jane b. 1839 KY                                                              he received a pension and was living in Sullivan

        1.2.3 ‑ Samuel Moak b. ca1785 NC; d. 1819 Scioto                                    Co., TN. The pension record states he was 71 years

        CO., OH; in. Caty                                                                                            old in 1832, born in 1762 Shenandoah Co., VA.

       ‑ Joseph Mauk b. 15 Nov 1815; in.                                           Since Shenandoah Co. was formed from Dunmore

                Sarah Holbrook b. NC                                                                            Co., which was formerly Frederick Co, VA, his

                       ‑‑I‑Samuel b.‑.13 Apr 1842                                                                 birth place. in my record is listed as Frederick Co.,

                       ‑2 Peter Commodore                                                                            VA. [J.P. Mock]

                       ‑3 William' b. 17 Jul 1846                                                                         1.4.1 ‑ Christina Mauck b. ca1785

                       ‑4 Mary Frances b. Sept 1848                                                                 1.4.2 ‑ Henry Mauck b. 26 Dec 1786 NC

                       ‑5 Sarah Catherine b. 1852                                                                      1.4.3 ‑ Mary Mauck b. 18 Nov 1788

                       ‑6 Joseph b. ca1854                                                                                  1.4.4 ‑ Catherine Mauck b. ca1789

                       ‑7 Jane b. 1854                                                                                          1.4.5 ‑ Esther Mauck b. cal 791

                        ‑8 Laura b. 1866                                                                                       1.4.6 ‑ Johannes "Mack" b. 29 Jun 1793

                       ‑9 Sampson b. 1869                                                                                  1.4.7 ‑ Andrew Mauck Jr. b. 10 Sep 1800

       ‑ Peter Mauk b. 1818;  m. Mary Perry                                               1.4.8 ‑ Rebecca Mauck

                       ‑1 Mary b. 1840 KY                                                                                  1.4.9 ‑ Sarah Mauck b. 1794

                       ‑2 Amanda b. 1841; d. 1860                                                                     Many thanks to John Snook, Ron Moore and J.P.

                       ‑3 John b. ca1844/ 46                                                               Mock who generously shared their research.

                       ‑4 Peter b. 1847 KY                                                                   P.S ' from Lila: There is a Parris Mauk in Carter Co.,

                       ‑5 Robert b. 1849 KY                                                                KY that I have not been able to connect to this family.

                       ‑6 Nancy b. 1853                                                                       If anyone has information on Parris, please let me

                       ‑7 Sarah b. 1855                                                                        know.

                       ‑8 Margaret b. 1857                                                                  ‑ Lila Wylie ‑ 60 Mayfair Drive, Bella Vista, AR

                       ‑9 Labon b. 1860                                                                       72714‑5390 ‑E‑mail lilagen@IPA.NET