Will Book 2 at Page 122

Carter County, Kentucky


Last Will and Testament


William Stamper



In the name of God, Amen.  I William Stamper being of sound mind and disposing memory but being in feble health do hereby make and publish my Last Will and Testament that is to say



I will and bequeath to my wife Cynthia Stamper one half of my home farm where I now live and to my son, Lincoln Stamper 1/4 said farm and when my son, Lincoln Stamper shall become hereto all years of age then he is to have all of the 3/4 of said farm except her life dower in said land and the remaining one fourth of said farm I will and bequeath jointly to my son Watt Stamper and Bell Kiser her and him heirs and if they so wish is shall be divided equally between them taking into consideration quality quantity and value



I will and bequeath to my daughter Mary Erwin one dollar and no more



I will and bequeath to my son William Stamper one dollar and no more



I will and bequeath to my son, Roscoe Stamper, one dollar and no more



I will and bequeath to my son Steve Stamper one dollar and no more


I hereby appoint my wife Cynthia Stamper Executrix of this my Last Will and request she be allowed to serve without bond and I hereby revoke all former wills by me made  Witness my hand this September 3rd 1906


I will and bequeath all my personal property to my wife Cynthia Stamper


                                                                   /s/ William Stamper




Elwood Kefleir

J. M. Scott


State of Kentucky


County of Carter


I, James Fults, Clerk of the Carter County Court do certify that the foregoing instrument of writing was produced to me in open Court on the 8th day of October, 1906 and proven by the oath of J. M. Scott and Elwood Keflier to be the Last Will and Testament of William Stamper deceased whereupon it is ordered that the testament of William Stamper deceased and the same is now duly recorded in my office


Given under my hand this October 8th 1906


                                                                             /s/ James Fults, Clerk

                                                                             Carter County Clerk


Submitter’s Notes:  The above will has been typed exactly as handwritten into the record, by the Clerk, including misspellings.  William Stamper was born 1839 and died 1906 in Carter Co., Kentucky, the son of John “Pewter John” Stamper and Sarah “Sallie” Stamper.  {John and Sallie were cousins}.  According to their marriage license, Cynthia Miller Harris who had been previously married twice, was the fourth wife of William.  They were married on 24 Feb 190l.  It is rumored that William may have had as many as seven wives.

Submitted by:  Sherry Lowe

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