For those of you who have any interest in natural history, the civilizations of North and South America, the origins of
civilization 7,000 years before the Sumarians and the mysteries behind the megaliths of Peru, Egypt and Turkey. None of this
is science fiction. It's state of the art research that is now becoming mainstream.

The current theory is that a fragnmented comet struck the earth 12,800 years ago and changed everything.

Youtube has scores of videos discussing the basis for this revolutionary hypothesis, and the resulting controversies.

This is a series of videos that deep-dives into the evidence for a comet impact that wiped out whole species of mammals and changed the earth's climate for a thousand years.

Who really built the pyramids and the megalithis structures of Peru?

Unchartedx has dozens of fascinating videos on the construction and purpose of the pryamids of Egypt. At first it seems far out, but gets more credible the more you watch.

Gobekli Tepe

Videos on Gobebli Tepe, a mammoth ritual site, buried for 10,000 years

More Gobebli Tepe